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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I begin with CYS Services?
A: The starting point would be to become a registered member. Visit the Parent Central Services.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Parent Central is located Camp Walker building #257. Child Development Center is located in building #223
School Age Services is located in building #257 behined the PX Garage. The Youth Services is located in building #252
next to the Kelly field.

Q: What programs does CYS Services offer?
A: CYS Services offers a variety of services for the children and youth of our community. Please refer to the each programs
for more information.

Q: I'm in-processing, is there free care for provided?
A: Currently USAG Daegu does not provide free care for in-processing. All children must be enrolled in one of our programs
for child care. Please view our Parent Central page or call 764-5298 for more details.

Q: Can my child participate in CYS Services sponsored activities without being registered in CYSS?
 A: No, any child participating in CYS sponsored activities must be registered within CYS Services.
Registration is encouraged and free thanks to the Army Family Covenent.

 Q: My child does not have their sports physicals and shot requirements, can my child play youth sports?
 A: Your child may not play in any youth sports until a sports physical is obtained and shot records are complete. 
Even if your shot record is current from CONUS, there may be additional requirements in Korea.
Please visit Cp Walker Medical Clinic to update shots.

 Q: If I am pregnant, can I still register my unborn child with CYS Services?
A: Yes, CYS Services maintains an Unborn Child Waiting List for families who are expecting children.

 Q: What is EFMP and SNAP? 
A: The Exceptional Family Member Program is a program designed to help families with members that have a behavior,
mental, physical, medical, social, or education special need. This program is provided through
the Army Community Services (ACS) and works with CYS Services to help support and provide assistance
to these families. The Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) is the process in which members
from ACS, CYS Services, and the Army Public Health Nurse come together with the family to discuss
how CYS Services can provide care once the family has completed.