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Strong Beginnings will start on September 12. 
Children will need to be registered at Parent Central Services Bldg # 257 DSN 764-5298.
Please note before you child can attend Strong Beginnings, parents have to attend
only one of the three mandatory Strong Beginnings orientations offered. 
Orientations will be
September 5th from 1100-1200 and September 10th from 1400-1500.
Please call the CDCto sign up for orientation or if you have any questions about the program.

What is the Army Strong Beginnings Pre-K Program?
The Army Strong Beginnings Pre-K is a program designed to prepare children to be successful
to enter school.  Curriculum focuses on the social, emotional, and physical development of children;
equips them with basic academics and “Kindergarten Classroom Etiquette” skills to enhance
“school readiness.”

Who is eligible for the Program?
Children who will be entering Kindergarten the following fall (4 years old prior to 1 Sep) are eligible
to attend Strong Beginnings Pre-K.

When is the Strong Beginnings Pre-K Program ? I need care before and after?
Camp Walker CDC operates from 0530-1800 Monday – Friday and Thursday 0615-1800.  
The Strong Beginnings portion starts at 0830 and ends at 1130.

When does Strong Beginnings Pre-K operate?
The Strong Beginnings Pre-K program follows the DODEA School Sure Start calendar.  
What does this mean to you as a parent?  This means when DODEA is closed
so is the Strong Beginnings Classroom.  If your child is in the Full Day program
we will still care for your children however they will be in the Preschool room
or the Kindergarten room depending on ratios.  (No child will be assigned to either room). 
If you are in Part Day we will provide care under Hourly Care.

What will the Strong Beginnings Pre-K program cost?
Fees will be based upon total family income; Following the IAW DoD Fee Policy.  Part Day Strong Beginnings is billed semi-monthly, and they get billed the same amount on the 1st and 15th of every month even though there are breaks in some months and none in others. The Fees were set up this way so as not prorate every month differently, it  is taken in consideration all the breaks and holidays and distributed evenly so the households pay the same every month and don't get confused with the different amounts.  So truly you are not paying for the time your children don't have school because the Army took that into consideration when they came up with the fees.  That is why you are charged the same amount when your child is not here during breaks (e.i. Winter break, Spring Break, and days out). 

Will the teachers be allowed to teach children?
In all CYS Services Programs, staff teaches children.  In the Strong Beginnings Pre-K Program, there is an emphasis on kindergarten readiness skills; therefore the teaching methods used will more often resemble those of a kindergarten classroom.

What is the difference between Preschool and Strong Beginnings Pre-K?
Preschool helps to develop the “whole child” from birth to age 4.  Focus is on social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth of children.  We nurture children and help them grow.  Children are always free to explore and take risks in a safe environment. In preschool a child is encouraged to develop friendships, learn how to play with others, take turns, is introduced to math, science, reading and writing, etc. While Strong Beginnings Pre-K still does all of those wonderful things for children, there is more focus on academics skills, learning self control and following directions, learning numbers, colors, shapes and simple mathematical concepts, writing, reading. Strong Beginnings Pre-K focuses on kindergarten readiness and moving toward the idea that we must get children ready for school.

How will we celebrate the end of the school year?
We recognize that leaving Strong Beginnings Pre-K and going to Kindergarten is a big deal for you and your child. We will celebrate the end of Strong Beginnings Pre-K with a “Graduation” type ceremony that will be fun and meaningful for the children and parents

Camp Walker Child Development Center Bldg S-223
Phone Number: DSN 764-4834/4835


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